On a warm Summer day back in July of 2013, I was sorting through photos on my personal Instagram profile while sipping on a Central Oregon brew. I noticed that the beer photos I had started taking a few weeks prior were clogging up my profile. Being a stay-at-home Daddy, and what seemed to be a hankerin’ for hops, I decided to create a separate profile for my beertography. Bend Brew Daddy was born! In the weeks and months to come, my passion for the rich craft beer scene in Central Oregon was growing, while my photos were gaining recognition from all over Central Oregon and beyond. Little did I know at the time, I was on a path that would find my work on the walls of local beer establishments. The foot I was trying so hard to fit into any gallery door in the past, was now deep inside of the doors of breweries & taprooms. By following my two passions— photography and craft beer, I’ve stumbled upon a niche that I never knew existed. With each balancing of a bottle, and every reflection shot, Bend Brew Daddy continues to push the limits of what’s possible in the beautiful relationship between beer and camera. So, to answer the question, “who’s your daddy?” This Daddy is living the dream at home with my beautiful family and growing a business in an industry I dearly Love! Cheers!



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