BrüSquare Tile Coaster | Silver Moon Brewing - Ghost Fields Rye | Photo Coaster

It's a tile! It's a coaster! It'a a photograph! It's a BrüSquare!

Brewery: Silver Moon Brewing (Bend, OR) - Ghost Fields Rye IPA
Location: Home - Bend, OR
Item# BSC_SMB_020
Size: 4¼ x 4¼ inches
Ceramic tile coaster with mounted photograph, spray finish and cork baking.

Wait! Before you put your drink on that ordinary coaster! You're too crafty for that! Introducing... BrüSquare. A beautiful place to rest your beer, coffee, or any beverage. With four, six and twelve pack deals, as well as dozens of designs to choose from... what's stopping you from collecting them all? See multi-pack deals below.

➤ BrüSquare Tile Coaster 4-Pack:
➤ BrüSquare Tile Coaster 6-Pack:
➤ BrüSquare Tile Coaster 12-Pack:

➤ BrüSquare Tile Coaster Catalog:

Care for your BrüSquare:
Remove glassware from BrüSquare. Carefully wipe surface with a dry cloth or paper towel. That's it! If care is used, BrüSquare's matte finish will keep looking it's best! Please do not use BrüSquare for cooking, or as a trivet for hot cookware. BrüSquare is not meant for extreme tempuratures. With that said, you can place your hot coffee on BrüSquare, as long as the cleaning directions above is used afterward.

What will you put on BrüSquare?
IPA? Imperial Stout? Morning cuppa joe? What will you put on your BrüSquare? Please, show & tell on social media by using the hashtag #brusquare in your post!

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